Staff Opportunities


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Job Description:

This is a Full-time staff leadership role that reports to the Worship Pastor at New Covenant House Dallas and works in collaboration with the Music and Productions Coordinator as well as the Mass Choir Coordinator to produce and foster an atmosphere of worship at New Covenant House Dallas.The Worship Leader serves as the coordinator of the Worship Team: The worship team uses their voice and talents to glorify God, as well as a tool to engage people into worship. The worship team sings not for man but always for God as an example and model for others in the congregation to do the same. This team is responsible for leading the church in worship every Sunday and during any church events requiring music.


Lead Worship on Sundays and when needed
Putting together a worship team, composed of 10-16 musicians
Organizing rehearsals
Putting together worship sets by church schedules
Creating schedules for the team members
Sending out music ahead of time with planning software
Attending church staff meetings
Following up with team and members of the church for improving church services
Developing new musicians and teams as people are interested in worship leading.
Enforce dress code for the Team, in accordance with established guidelines
Liaise with Music/production Coordinator and Sound engineer to create a balanced
sound, for both online and in-person service
Assist the Worship Pastor in developing and administering an annual budget, as
regards the Praise team in accordance with the financial policies of the church. Attend Staff Meetings

Must be a born-again Christian
Must complete NCH Growth Track and NCH Leadership Course within the first 30 days of employment.
Must regard New Covenant House Dallas as your home church
Must be proficient in Planning Center and BANDAPP 
Must be proficient in Microsoft Office tools i.e., Outlook, Word, Teams,  etc.