Welcome to NCH WORSHIP


Audition Requirements:

  1. You are a Born-Again Christian – Accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God who came to earth to die for our sins and rose up to life on the third day.
  2. You are currently enrolled in or have successfully completed the New Covenant House Dallas 3Bs Discipleship and consider NCH your church home.
  3. Draft Sunday will be 3rd week of the month.
  4. Application and video submissions will be accepted during draft week!

NCH WORSHIP Audition Process:

STEP 1: Sign the NCH Worship agreement and complete the application HERE.

STEP 2: Upload your video audition and Worship Team Agreement HERE. (audition video submissions are due on Wednesday by midnight of draft week)

  • Familiarize yourself with the song provided below and identify your part
  • Get two devices
  • Play the instrumental provided on one device and record yourself singing your part on the second device
  • Video Introduction: Must include your name and what part you have chosen to sing (Soprano, Alto, Tenor)
  • Note the requested time frame for recording

STEP 3: A NCH Worship member will contact you for a short phone interview.

STEP 4: If it sounds like you’re a good fit, you will be invited to a live audition.

Upon a successful audition, you will complete a 90-day probation period which verifies your commitment and compatibility.

Please Note: If you are auditioning for Lead Vocalist, please upload at least 2 videos showing previous experience leading worship.



1.NCH MASS CHOIR - A combination of ALL the choirs at NCH. Ministers during special events and every 5th Sunday. 

I. SPACES WORSHIP - A section of the Mass Choir consisting of the members of the Singles Ministry Worship Team. Ministers monthly at the Spaces Worship Service and with the Mass choir on the 5th Sunday. To apply for this team select the Mass Choir option on the application form.

2.NCH WORSHIP TEAM - An annual commitment, minister on a scheduled basis weekly during our Sunday worship events.

3.NCH CHOIR - Availability and Attendance basis and minister every 3rd Sunday and 5th Sundays with the Mass Choir



Audition Media - This is the Day by Fred Hammond