Worship Team Auditions!



The purpose of the worship team is to use our instruments, voices, and our talents to glorify God, and to use them as a tool to engage people into worship. We play instruments & sing not for us but always for God as an example and model for others in the congregation to do the same.



  • Continue to grow and mature in Christ as a godly person of integrity. Have a strong sense of calling and identity in Christ.
  • Assist the NCH Praise Team Coordinator in creating the setlist. Proficiency in leading worship with a strong vocal ability.
  • Assist in planning, implementing and leading worship for regular church services, as well as special events outside of Sunday worship services.
  • Be able to minister/lead worship 3 out of 4 Sundays in a month, as well as all 5th Sundays.
  • Be able to LEAD people & have Stage Presence Be a Worshipper NOT just a performer/singer
  • Lead NCH Praise Team rehearsals, in the event that the Team Coordinator is unavailable


Audition Requirements:

  1. You are a Born-Again Christian – Accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God who came to earth to die for our sins and rose up to life on the third day.
  2. You are currently enrolled in or have successfully completed the New Covenant House Dallas GROWTH TRACK COURSE (OCTOBER Express Class) and consider NCH your church home.
  3. You have prior experience leading worship and can provide a video of you leading worship . Please upload a video of your previous worship lead experience below with your audition video.


NCH WORSHIP TEAM 3-Step Audition Process:

STEP 1: Sign the Worship Team agreement and complete the application HERE. This will include a video submission.

STEP 2: A worship team member will contact you for a short phone interview.

STEP 3: If it sounds like you’re a good fit, you will be invited to a live audition.

Please Note: Upon a successful audition, you will complete a 90-day probation period which verifies your commitment and compatibility.


Video Auditions

  1. Listen to the song THIS IS THE DAY BY FRED HAMMOND.
  2. Record a video of yourself singing your selected part (Soprano, Alto, Tenor) to Fred Hammond’s This is the day instrumental: time frame for recording 0:00 to 2:38.
  3. Upload video of previous worship leader experience.
  4. Video Intro: Must include your name and what part you have chosen to sing.
  5. Upload the videos to the dropbox link (With Worship Team Agreement).

This is the Day - Fred Hammond ( from 00:50 to 3:10)

This is the Day - audition music