Training & Discipleship Classes

Our mission is to impart the tools required by every member of New Covenant House to serve others with love; develop and multiply their gifts, and help the church fulfill its vision.

Through training classes, workshops, and conferences presented throughout the year, our goal is to equip the church with individuals who can run with vision.

Our training classes help prepare new believers and leaders for change and development in ministries and communities in a multi-cultural environment. 

Below are the fundamentals of the Training & Discipleship classes:

Believe Academy


This class covers the fundamentals of who we are in Christ and recipes for thriving in the Kingdom of God. The academy will cover the following topics as listed below:


  • Rediscovering the Kingdom
  • A New Creature
  • Mind Transplant
  • Kingdom DNA
  • Kingdom Diet
  • Kingdom Communication & Currency
  • True Spirituality
  • Understanding the Holy Spirit

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Believer's Foundation Class

Welcome to a transformative journey in Christ!

We are here to accompany you as you dive deeper into the boundless love our Father has for you. Register for the Believers Foundation Class and embark on a path of discovery and understanding of the incomparable love of Jesus.




Register here for Believer's Foundation Class

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