Synergy 2.0


'Synergy' is a 17th century derivative of the Latin 'synergia' ( Greek 'Synergos') which simply means working together.

Who we are…

Synergy is the marriage ministry at New Covenant House. We strive to create a warm, robust, bubbly community where couples can build Christ-centered marriages. We are all about teaching you how to make your marriage the 'lil' taste of heaven-on-earth that God intended it to be while having immense fun as you 'do life' with other couples.
'Synergy' is a 17th-century derivative of the Latin word 'synergia' (Greek 'synergos'), which simply means; WORKING TOGETHER.
What makes 'synergy' so special is that it produces a result impossible to obtain by any of the parties working independently. The impact of the combined effort and teamwork between you and your spouse is supernaturally magnified, producing a far greater result than one person working on their own.

What we do…

Marriage Enrichment - Our monthly fellowship for couples, Pillow Talk, is always a blast! No topic is off-limits. Please join us on the last Fridays of every month for an evening of fellowship and candid conversation with other married couples. The goal is to reset, rebuild, and reinforce strong marital bonds. Click here for more details and to register.

Marriage Workshop/Conference - Our yearly conference/workshop for couples is spectacular! A combination of fun, fellowship with other couples, and a wealth of information that provides practical tips that will help you and your spouse build the marriage of your dreams. Please click below to register for this event.

Marriage Mediation - We are partnering with the phenomenal XO Marriage Ministry to provide support and practical guidance to couples whose marriages are struggling or in need of intervention. A link will be provided here once it’s up and running. Please stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, please visit the XO Marriage website and/ or subscribe to their newsletter. They are a tremendous resource for marriages!

Social Events - Church is fellowship! At NCH, we believe in the power of human connection to nourish the soul. To facilitate this, we routinely plan fun events for couples to hang out together and just relax. Food, game nights, game shows, movie nights, picnics - you name it, and we've done it, and you'll still always come away with knowledge.

Please see calendar below for all our events so you don't miss a thing.

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Pre-Marital Guidance


Pre-marital Guidance at NCH

(Divorce-Proof your marriage before it even starts)!

Congratulations! We'd love to come alongside you as you prepare for this next chapter of your life. Too many couples spend tons of time prepping for the wedding while only dreaming about the marriage. 

These classes impart biblical perspectives for a successful  Christ-centered marriage and practical principles for it to be strong and beautiful. Each session is carefully and thoughtfully designed to help create a lasting and fulfilling relationship. 

Classes are held in person on Saturday mornings three times a year, and each session runs for 8 weeks.        

Session 1: February 10th - March 30th 

Session 2: September 7th - October 26th

*Wedding date must be at least 3 months after completion of Pre-Marital Guidance to allow the couple a time for ample re-assessment.
Please fill out the form below to register for one of the classes. Both partners MUST attend all classes. If you have any additional questions please email us at 

Pre-Marital Guidance

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Marriage Guidance

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