Our mission is to impart the tools required by every member of New Covenant House to serve others with love; develop and multiply their gifts, and help the church fulfill its vision.

Through training courses, workshops, and conferences presented throughout the year, our goal is to equip the church with individuals who can run with vision.

Our training courses help prepare leaders for change and development in ministries and communities in a multi-cultural environment. The Rock Institute also conducts and prepares individuals for water baptism.

Below are some of the Institute’s Courses:

3Bs Discipleship Series:

BELIEVE Academy (Level 100)

This level covers the fundamentals of who we are in Christ and recipes for thriving in the Kingdom of God. The academy consists of 8 modules, as listed below:

Rediscovering the Kingdom, A New Creature, Mind Transplant, Kingdom DNA, Kingdom Diet, Kingdom Communication & Currency, True Spirituality

Understanding the Holy Spirit

BELIEVE Academy (Level 100) Registration

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BELONG Academy (Level 200)

Citizens of the Kingdom of God will master superior relationship skills and connection here and explore every room in New Covenant House. Everyone here must belong to a room. The academy consists of 8 modules, as listed below:

Understand Relationships and Connections, Understanding your SHAPE, Finding Love Spots, Discovering the New Covenant House, Finding yourself and finding others, Discovering your room in the New Covenant House, Open House with Senior Leadership, Love Project Execution.


BECOME Academy (Level 300)

At this level, we do a deep dive to learn what power resides in us and all we need to maximize our potential and become who God created us to be. The academy consists of 7 modules, as listed below:

Exploring the Father’s House, Understanding my Power and Sphere of Influence – Part 1, Understanding my Power and Sphere of Influence – Part 2, Discovering your Purpose, Spiritual Maturity, Man on a Mission, Project Design and Presentation.


For more information or to contact us, please email: [email protected]