NCH Worship

NCH Worship exists to facilitate a culture of worship in the body of Christ and experience God via music. Worship is a lifestyle and music is what gives that life color!

If you are interested in serving in the worship ministry at NCH as a musician or vocalist, we’d love to hear from you! 

There are many opportunities in the Worship Ministry:


  • NCH MASS CHOIR - A combination of ALL the choirs and worship teams at NCH. Ministers during special events.
  • SPACES WORSHIP - A section of the Mass Choir consisting of the members of the Singles Ministry Worship Team. Ministers monthly at the Spaces Worship Service and with the Mass Choir. To apply for this team select the Mass Choir option on the application form.
  • NCH WORSHIP TEAM - Ministers on a scheduled basis weekly during our Sunday worship events (Annual commitment)
  • NCH BAND - A team of individuals who have a strong ability to play instruments and have the ability to commit on a weekly basis. It is comprised of both sub and staff positions.

All questions about the ministry are addressed on Draft Sunday which is held quarterly

Where can I serve in the Worship Ministry?