The Worship Ministry welcomes new members into the vocal teams three times a year in cohorts.

  • Worship Team: ministers on a scheduled weekly basis during our Sunday worship events. Our Worship Team members commit annually to this team.
  • Mass Choir: a collective which includes all worship teams and ministers up to once a month and during special services and events.
  • Interested in joining the band? Click here to understand the process.

Audition Requirements:

  • You are a born-again Christian – Accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God who came to earth to die for our sins and resurrected on the third day.
  • You consider NCH your church home.
  • You have successfully completed/are in the process of completing the New Covenant House Believe Academy (Level 100) course in the 3Bs Discipleship series.

Auditioning Schedule | 2024

Cohort 1 | Application Deadline: Sunday, February 4 at 6 pm CST

We are no longer considering applicants for Cohort 1.

Cohort 2 | Application Deadline: Sunday, May 19 at 6 pm CST

  • May 19: Deadline to submit application and audition video
  • May 20 - 28: Audition videos and applications are reviewed; applicants are interviewed.
  • May 31: Applicants are notified by ministry leadership on audition decision.
  • June 9: 8-week New Member Experience begins.

Cohort 3 | Application Deadline: Sunday, August 11 at 6 pm CST

  • August 11: Deadline to submit application and audition video
  • August 12 - 20: Audition videos and applications are reviewed; applicants are interviewed.
  • August 23: Applicants are notified by ministry leadership on audition decision.
  • September 1: 8-week New Member Experience begins.

People interested in joining the ministry are encouraged to complete the application and audition video before the audition review period of the cohort they wish to join in order to be considered for the ministry within that time period.

Please note: you can submit your audition video and application at any time. It will be reviewed during the review period prior to the soonest-starting cohort.

Audition Steps

Step 1

Complete the NCH Worship Application & Upload your Audition Video

  • Click here for the original song reference.
  • Familiarize yourself with and identify your part in the song (soprano, alto, or tenor).
  • Get two devices.
  • Play the instrumental provided on one device and record yourself singing your part on the second device.
  • Video Introduction: must include your full name and what part you have chosen to sing (soprano, alto, or tenor).

Complete Worship Application

Upload Audition Video

Step 2

Complete a Short Phone Interview

In anticipation of the start of the next New Member cohort, the leadership will review your application and audition video. If your video submission and application aligns with the ministry, you will be contacted for a short phone interview.

Step 3

Respond to Invitation Email

If you are a good fit, you will receive an invitation to join the ministry. You must accept or decline the invitation by the deadline provided in order to officially join.

Step 4

Embark on the 8-week New Member Experience

New members complete a 8-week New Member Experience in their cohort to assess commitment and compatibility, and grow with their cohort members.

Audition Song Reference - Excess Love (Mercy Chinwo)