Life Ministries

A Place to Belong

Whether you’re a member or considering membership, our goal is to fully connect you to the life of our ministry so that no one stands alone at NCH. 

NCH is a place to belong, no matter what your circumstances are. A place to belong no matter what your ethnicity is. A place to belong no matter what stage of your journey you are on.

See our Life Ministries below to learn more about where you fit in and click on the links below to join a group today.

Men (The Forge)


The Forge is the place where a blacksmith takes a piece of iron ore and through a process of refinement turns the raw ore into a piece of metal, that finds use in different situations. It is also the name of the Men’s Ministry at NCH. 

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Women (Ladies Alive)

A community for women to grow, connect and live an abundant and healthy life.

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Young Adults and Singles (SPACES)

SPACES is aimed at helping to develop the young adult spiritually and emotionally through fellowship with other believers and the teaching of the Word; while also providing avenues to connect with others socially and build friendships.

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Marriage Ministry (Synergy)

Synergy is the marriage ministry at New Covenant House. We strive to create a community where couples are able to build a Christ-centered marriage. 

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Pregnant and Try to Conceive Ministry

Genesis is our group for couple who want to start a family. It is a private community of support and prayer for men and women as they embark on their reproductive journey to build God's future generations from trying to conceive, through pregnancy, and in the postpartum period.

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Student's Ministry

To create a community where conversations are funneled through the Word of God, all opinions and thoughts are valued, and fellowship is open to any college students regardless of church affiliation.

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